Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Object  
   4.      Interpretation  
   5.      Extension to external Territories  
   5A.     Application of the Criminal Code  


   6.      Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority  
   7.      Functions and powers  
   7A.     Approval of standards for certain residues of chemical products  
   8.      Consultation  
   8A.     Consultation with Gene Technology Regulator  
   9.      Agreements and arrangements  
   9A.     APVMA to comply with policies of Governments of Commonwealth, States and participating Territories  
   10.     Minister may give directions  
   11.     Delegation by APVMA  


           Division 1--Constitution of APVMA

   12.     APVMA is body corporate etc.  

           Division 2--Board of the APVMA

              Subdivision A--Establishment and functions of the Board

   14.     Establishment of the Board  
   15.     Functions and powers of the Board  
   16.     Limitation on functions and powers of the Board  

              Subdivision B--Board members

   17.     Membership of the Board  
   18.     Appointment of appointed Board members  
   19.     Term of appointment  
   20.     Acting Board members  
   21.     Remuneration  
   22.     Paid work  
   23.     Leave of absence  
   24.     Resignation of appointment  
   25.     Termination of appointment  
   26.     Other terms and conditions  

              Subdivision C--Meetings of the Board

   27.     Convening meetings  
   27A.    Presiding at meetings  
   27B.    Quorum  
   27C.    Voting at meetings  
   27D.    Conduct of meetings  
   27E.    Minutes  
   27F.    Decisions without meetings  

              Subdivision D--Minister may give directions to the Board

   27G.    Minister may give directions to the Board  

              Subdivision E--Board to give documents to Secretary

   27H.    Board to give documents to Secretary  

              Subdivision F--Board committees

   27J.    Board committees  

              Subdivision G--Review of the Board

   27K.    Review of the Board  

           Division 5--APVMA committees

   28.     Establishment of committees  
   29.     Meetings of committees  
   29A.    Remuneration and allowances of committee members  
   30.     Arrangements relating to staff etc.  


   31.     Chief Executive Officer  
   32.     Duties  
   33.     Appointment  
   34.     Term of appointment  
   35.     Remuneration and allowances  
   37.     Terms and conditions of appointment  
   38.     Chief Executive Officer not to engage in other paid work  
   39.     Leave of absence for recreation  
   40.     Leave of absence for other purposes  
   41.     Resignation  
   41A.    Termination of appointment  
   42.     Disclosure of interests  
   43.     Acting Chief Executive Officer  
   44.     Delegation by the Chief Executive Officer  


   45.     Staff  
   46.     Staff to be made available to the APVMA  
   47.     Consultants  


   51.     Approval of corporate plan  
   52.     Variation of corporate plan  


           Division 1--Finance

   58.     Money payable to the APVMA  
   59.     Application of money by the APVMA  

           Division 2--Reporting requirements

   61.     Annual report  

           Division 3--Exemption from taxation

   62.     Exemption from taxation  


           Division 1--Interpretation

   69A.    Interpretation  

           Division 2--Importation, manufacture and exportation

              Subdivision A--Importation

   69B.    Importation offence  

              Subdivision B--Provision of information

   69CA.   Providing information about certain chemical products etc. to comply with international agreements  
   69CB.   Providing information about certain chemical products etc. under international consideration  
   69CC.   Relevant agency to provide information to other countries  
   69CD.   Contraventions relating to providing information under sections 69CA and 69CB  

              Subdivision C--Chemical products etc

   69C.    Prohibition on import, manufacture, use or export of certain chemical products etc. under international agreements  

              Subdivision D--Exportation

   69D.    Export of chemical products  

              Subdivision E--Miscellaneous

   69EA.   Keeping of records  
   69EAA.  Definitions  


           Division 1--Monitoring

              Subdivision A--Monitoring powers etc

   69EAB.  Powers available to inspectors for monitoring compliance  
   69EAC.  Monitoring powers--with consent or with warrant  
   69EAD.  Operating electronic equipment  
   69EAE.  Securing evidence of the contravention of a related provision  
   69EAF.  Persons assisting inspectors  
   69EAG.  Use of force in executing a monitoring warrant  

              Subdivision B--Powers of inspectors to ask questions and seek production of documents

   69EAH.  Inspector may ask questions and seek production of documents  
   69EAJ.  Copying of documents  

           Division 2--Investigation

              Subdivision A--Investigation powers

   69EB.   Powers available to inspectors to investigate potential breaches of this Act and the Collection Act  
   69EBA.  Investigation powers  
   69EBB.  Operating electronic equipment  
   69EBC.  Seizing evidence of related offences and civil penalty provisions  
   69EBD.  Persons assisting inspectors  
   69EBE.  Use of force in executing an investigation warrant  

              Subdivision B--Powers of inspectors to ask questions and seek production of documents

   69EC.   Inspector may ask questions and seek production of documents  
   69ECA.  Copying of documents  

           Division 3--Obligations and incidental powers of inspectors

   69ED.   Consent  
   69EDA.  Announcement before entry under warrant  
   69EDB.  Inspector to be in possession of warrant  
   69EDC.  Details of warrant etc. to be given to occupier  
   69EDD.  Expert assistance to operate electronic equipment  
   69EDE.  Compensation for damage to electronic equipment  

           Division 4--Execution of an investigation warrant interrupted

   69EE.   Completing execution of an investigation warrant after temporary cessation  
   69EEA.  Completing execution of an investigation warrant stopped by court order  

           Division 5--Occupier's rights and responsibilities

   69EF.   Occupier entitled to observe execution of warrant  
   69EFA.  Occupier to provide inspector with facilities and assistance  

           Division 6--General provisions relating to seizure

   69EG.   Copies of seized things to be provided  
   69EGA.  Receipts for seized things  
   69EGB.  Return of seized things  
   69EGC.  Magistrate may permit a thing to be kept  
   69EGD.  Disposal of things  

           Division 7--Applying for warrants etc

   69EH.   Monitoring warrants  
   69EHA.  Investigation warrants  
   69EHB.  Warrants by telephone, fax etc.  
   69EHC.  Authority of warrant  
   69EHD.  Offence relating to warrants by telephone, fax etc.  

           Division 8--Powers of magistrates

   69EI.   Powers of issuing officers  


           Division 1--Civil penalty orders

              Subdivision A--Obtaining a civil penalty order

   69EJ.   Civil penalty orders  
   69EJA.  Maximum penalties for contravention of civil penalty provisions  
   69EJB.  Civil enforcement of penalty  
   69EJC.  Conduct contravening more than one civil penalty provision  
   69EJD.  Multiple contraventions  
   69EJE.  Proceedings may be heard together  
   69EJF.  Civil evidence and procedure rules for civil penalty orders  
   69EJG.  Contravening a civil penalty provision is not an offence  

              Subdivision B--Civil proceedings and criminal proceedings

   69EJH.  Civil proceedings after criminal proceedings  
   69EJI.  Criminal proceedings during civil proceedings  
   69EJJ.  Criminal proceedings after civil proceedings  
   69EJK.  Evidence given in civil proceedings not admissible in criminal proceedings  

              Subdivision C--Miscellaneous

   69EJL.  Continuing contraventions of civil penalty provisions  
   69EJM.  Ancillary contravention of civil penalty provisions  
   69EJN.  Mistake of fact  
   69EJO.  State of mind  
   69EJP.  Evidential burden for exceptions  
   69EJQ.  Liability of body corporate for actions by employees, agents or officers  
   69EJR.  Liability of executive officers  
   69EJS.  Establishing whether an executive officer took reasonable steps to prevent the contravention of a civil penalty provision  

           Division 2--Infringement notices

   69EK.   When an infringement notice may be given  
   69EKA.  Matters to be included in an infringement notice  
   69EKB.  Extension of time to pay amount  
   69EKC.  Withdrawal of an infringement notice  
   69EKD.  Effect of payment of amount  
   69EKE.  Effect of this Division  

           Division 3--Enforceable undertakings

   69EL.   Acceptance of undertakings  
   69ELA.  Enforcement of undertakings  

           Division 4--Injunctions

   69EM.   Grant of injunctions  
   69EMA.  Discharging or varying injunctions  
   69EMB.  Certain limits on granting injunctions not to apply  
   69EMC.  Other powers of a court unaffected  

           Division 5--Substantiation notices

   69EN.   APVMA may require claims to be substantiated etc.  
   69ENA.  Compliance with substantiation notices  
   69ENB.  Failure to comply with substantiation notice  

           Division 6--Formal warnings

   69EO.   APVMA may issue a formal warning  

           Division 7--Miscellaneous

   69EP.   Hearings  
   69EQ.   Self-incrimination to be a reasonable excuse for non-compliance with requirement  
   69ER.   False or misleading information or document  
   69ES.   Evidential certificates  
   69ET.   Forfeiture  
   69EU.   Conduct by directors, employees and agents  


   69F.    Appointment of inspectors  
   69G.    Approval of analysts  
   69H.    Exemptions from liability for damages  
   69HA.   Protection of inspectors etc.  
   69J.    Documents or substances held by APVMA at commencement of Agvet Codes  
   70.     Acts done by APVMA  
   71.     Delegation by Minister  
   72.     Review of Agvet Scheme every 10 years  
   73.     Regulations  


   74.     Staff  
   75.     Transfers of certain assets to APVMA  
   76.     Agreements etc.--Minister may make arrangements  

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