New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Objectives
   3A.     Guiding principles [NSW[#93]
   3B.     Objective and guiding principle [NSW[#93]
   4.      How functions to be exercised
   5.      Definitions
   6.      Interpretation generally
   7.      Single national entity
   8.      Extraterritorial operation of Law
   9.      Trans-Tasman mutual recognition principle
   10.     Law binds the State


   11.     Policy directions
   12.     Approval of registration standards
   13.     Approvals in relation to specialist registration
   14.     Approval of endorsement in relation to scheduled medicines
   15.     Approval of areas of practice for purposes of endorsement
   16.     How Ministerial Council exercises functions
   17.     Notification and publication of directions and approvals

   PART 3 - (Repealed)


           Division 1 - National Agency

   23.     National Agency
   24.     General powers of National Agency
   25.     Functions of National Agency
   26.     Health profession agreements
   26A.    Setting of fees in health profession agreements [NSW[#93]
   27.     Co-operation with participating jurisdictions and Commonwealth
   28.     Office of National Agency

           Division 2 - Agency Board

   29.     Agency Board
   30.     Functions of Agency Board


           Division 1 - National Boards

   31.     Regulations must provide for National Boards
   31A.    Status of National Board
   32.     Powers of National Board
   33.     Membership of National Boards
   34.     Eligibility for appointment

           Division 2 - Functions of National Boards

   35.     Functions of National Boards
   36.     State and Territory Boards
   37.     Delegation of functions

           Division 3 - Registration standards and codes and guidelines

   38.     National board must develop registration standards
   39.     Codes and guidelines
   40.     Consultation about registration standards, codes and guidelines
   41.     Use of registration standards, codes or guidelines in disciplinary proceedings


           Division 1 - Preliminary [NSW[#93]

   41A.    Definitions [NSW[#93]

           Division 2 - Councils [NSW[#93]

   41B.    Establishment of Councils [NSW[#93]
   41C.    General powers of Councils [NSW[#93]
   41D.    Functions of Councils [NSW[#93]
   41DA.   Ministerial control [NSW[#93]
   41E.    Membership of Councils [NSW[#93]
   41F.    Committees [NSW[#93]
   41G.    Councils' complaint functions may be exercised by 2 or more members [NSW[#93]
   41H.    Annual reporting information [NSW[#93]
   41I.    Information to be made available to public [NSW[#93]
   41J.    Delegation by Council and Executive Officer [NSW[#93]
   41K.    Service of documents on Councils [NSW[#93]
   41L.    Authentication of certain documents [NSW[#93]
   41M.    Recovery of charges, fines, fees and other money by Councils [NSW[#93]
   41N.    Proof of certain matters not required [NSW[#93]
   41NA.   Special provisions relating to non-financially viable Councils [NSW[#93]

           Division 3 - Proceedings of Councils [NSW[#93]

   41O.    Other matters to be taken into account [NSW[#93]
   41P.    Exercise of functions with consent [NSW[#93]

           Division 4 - Administration [NSW[#93]

   41Q.    Executive Officer [NSW[#93]

           Division 5 - Finance [NSW[#93]

   41R.    Financial provisions [NSW[#93]
   41S.    Education and Research Account [NSW[#93]
   41T.    Medical Council to pay expenses of Medical Services Committee [NSW[#93]


           Division 1 - Preliminary

   42.     Definition

           Division 2 - Accreditation authorities

   43.     Accreditation authority to be decided
   44.     National Agency may enter into contracts with external accreditation entities
   45.     Accreditation processes to be published

           Division 3 - Accreditation functions

   46.     Development of accreditation standards
   47.     Approval of accreditation standards
   48.     Accreditation of programs of study
   49.     Approval of accredited programs of study
   50.     Accreditation authority to monitor approved programs of study
   51.     Changes to approval of program of study


           Division 1 - General registration

   52.     Eligibility for general registration
   53.     Qualifications for general registration
   54.     Examination or assessment for general registration
   55.     Unsuitability to hold general registration
   56.     Period of general registration

           Division 2 - Specialist registration

   57.     Eligibility for specialist registration
   58.     Qualifications for specialist registration
   59.     Examination or assessment for specialist registration
   60.     Unsuitability to hold specialist registration
   61.     Period of specialist registration

           Division 3 - Provisional registration

   62.     Eligibility for provisional registration
   63.     Unsuitability to hold provisional registration
   64.     Period of provisional registration

           Division 4 - Limited registration

   65.     Eligibility for limited registration
   66.     Limited registration for postgraduate training or supervised practice
   67.     Limited registration for area of need
   68.     Limited registration in public interest
   69.     Limited registration for teaching or research
   70.     Unsuitability to hold limited registration
   71.     Limited registration not to be held for more than one purpose
   72.     Period of limited registration

           Division 5 - Non-practising registration

   73.     Eligibility for non-practising registration
   74.     Unsuitability to hold non-practising registration
   75.     Registered health practitioner who holds non-practising registration must not practise the profession
   76.     Period of non-practising registration

           Division 6 - Application for registration

   77.     Application for registration
   78.     Power to check applicant's proof of identity
   79.     Power to check applicant's criminal history
   80.     Boards' other powers before deciding application for registration
   81.     Applicant may make submissions about proposed refusal of application or imposition of condition
   82.     Decision about application
   83.     Conditions of registration
   83A.    Undertakings at registration
   84.     Notice to be given to applicant
   85.     Failure to decide application

           Division 6A - Withdrawal of registration

   85A.    Power to withdraw registration
   85B.    Registered health practitioner may make submissions about proposed withdrawal of registration
   85C.    Decision about withdrawal of registration
   85D.    Notice to be given to registered health practitioner
   85E.    When decision takes effect

           Division 7 - Student registration

              Subdivision 1 - Persons undertaking approved programs of study

   86.     Definitions
   87.     National Board must register persons undertaking approved program of study
   88.     National Board may ask education provider for list of persons undertaking approved program of study
   89.     Registration of students
   90.     Period of student registration

              Subdivision 2 - Other persons to be registered as students

   91.     Education provider to provide lists of persons

              Subdivision 3 - General provisions applicable to students

   92.     Notice to be given if student registration suspended or condition imposed
   93.     Report to National Board of cessation of status as student

           Division 8 - Endorsement of registration

              Subdivision 1 - Endorsement in relation to scheduled medicines

   94.     Endorsement for scheduled medicines

              Subdivision 2 - Endorsement in relation to nurse practitioners

   95.     Endorsement as nurse practitioner

              Subdivision 3 - (Repealed)

              Subdivision 4 - Endorsement in relation to acupuncture

   97.     Endorsement for acupuncture

              Subdivision 5 - Endorsements in relation to approved areas of practice

   98.     Endorsement for approved area of practice

              Subdivision 6 - Application for endorsement

   99.     Application for endorsement
   100.    Boards' other powers before deciding application for endorsement
   101.    Applicant may make submissions about proposed refusal of application or imposition of condition
   102.    Decision about application
   103.    Conditions of endorsement
   103A.   Undertakings at endorsement
   104.    Notice of decision to be given to applicant
   105.    Period of endorsement
   106.    Failure to decide application for endorsement

           Division 9 - Renewal of registration

   107.    Application for renewal of registration or endorsement
   108.    Registration taken to continue in force
   109.    Annual statement
   110.    National Board's powers before making decision
   111.    Applicant may make submissions about proposed refusal of application for renewal or imposition of condition
   112.    Decision about application for renewal

           Division 10 - Title and practice protections

              Subdivision 1 - Title protections

   113.    Restriction on use of protected titles
   114.    Use of title "acupuncturist"
   115.    Restriction on use of specialist titles
   115A.   Claims by persons as to membership of surgical class
   116.    Claims by persons as to registration as health practitioner
   117.    Claims by persons as to registration in particular profession or division
   118.    Claims by persons as to specialist registration
   119.    Claims about type of registration or registration in recognised specialty
   120.    Registered health practitioner registered on conditions

              Subdivision 2 - Practice protections

   121.    Restricted dental acts
   121A.   General anaesthesia and simple sedation in dentistry [NSW[#93]
   122.    Restriction on prescription of optical appliances
   123.    Restriction on spinal manipulation

           Division 11 - Miscellaneous

              Subdivision 1 - Certificates of registration

   124.    Issue of certificate of registration

              Subdivision 2 - Review of conditions and undertakings

   125.    Changing or removing conditions or undertaking on application by registered health practitioner or student
   126.    Changing conditions on Board's initiative
   127.    Removal of condition or revocation of undertaking
   127A.   When matters under this subdivision may be decided by review body of a co-regulatory jurisdiction
   127AA.  Council to be review body for purposes of section 127A [NSW[#93]

              Subdivision 3 - Obligations of registered health practitioners and students

   128.    Continuing professional development
   129.    Professional indemnity insurance arrangements
   130.    Registered health practitioner or student to give National Board notice of certain events
   131.    Change in principal place of practice, address or name
   132.    National Board may ask registered health practitioner for practice information

              Subdivision 4 - Advertising

   133.    Advertising

              Subdivision 5 - Board's powers to check identity and criminal history

   134.    Evidence of identity
   135.    Criminal history check

              Subdivision 6 - General

   136.    Directing or inciting unprofessional conduct or professional misconduct
   136A.   Directing or inciting unsatisfactory professional conduct [NSW[#93]
   137.    Surrender of registration


           Division 1 - Preliminary [NSW[#93]

   138.    Definitions [NSW[#93]
   139.    Competence to practise health profession [NSW[#93]
   139A.   Confidential information [NSW[#93]
   139B.   Meaning of "unsatisfactory professional conduct" of registered health practitioner generally [NSW[#93]
   139C.   Additional matters that constitute unsatisfactory professional conduct of medical practitioners [NSW[#93]
   139D.   Additional matters that constitute unsatisfactory professional conduct of pharmacists [NSW[#93]
   139E.   Meaning of "professional misconduct" [NSW[#93]
   139F.   References to "complaint" [NSW[#93]
   139G.   Part applicable to persons formerly registered under this Law
   139H.   Part applicable to persons formerly registered under corresponding prior Act in certain circumstances
   139I.   Notifications under section 130 [NSW[#93]

           Division 2 - Mandatory notifications

   140.    Definition of notifiable conduct
   141.    Mandatory notifications by health practitioners other than treating practitioners
   141A.   Mandatory notifications by treating practitioners of sexual misconduct
   141B.   Mandatory notifications by treating practitioners of substantial risk of harm to public
   141C.   When practitioner does not form reasonable belief in course of providing health service
   142.    Mandatory notifications by employers
   142A.   Employers having dual notification requirements [NSW[#93]
   143.    Mandatory notifications by education providers
   143A.   Mandatory notifications [NSW[#93]

           Division 3 - Complaints [NSW[#93]

              Subdivision 1 - Making complaints [NSW[#93]

   144.    Grounds for complaint about registered health practitioner [NSW[#93]
   144A.   Grounds for complaint about student [NSW[#93]
   144B.   Who can make complaint [NSW[#93]
   144C.   Complaints may be made to Council or Health Care Complaints Commission [NSW[#93]
   144D.   Complaints to be in writing [NSW[#93]
   144E.   Where to lodge complaints [NSW[#93]
   144F.   Further particulars may be required from complainant [NSW[#93]
   144G.   Council to notify Commission and National Boards of complaints [NSW[#93]

              Subdivision 2 - How complaints are to be dealt with [NSW[#93]

   145.    Complaints to be dealt with expeditiously [NSW[#93]
   145A.   Council and Commission to consult on complaint [NSW[#93]
   145B.   Courses of action available to Council on complaint [NSW[#93]
   145BA.  Notification of outcomes of complaints to complainants [NSW[#93]
   145C.   Courses of action available to the Commission on complaint [NSW[#93]
   145D.   Serious complaints must be referred to Tribunal [NSW[#93]
   145E.   Council may require health practitioner or student to undergo examination [NSW[#93]
   145F.   Result of failure to attend counselling or examination [NSW[#93]
   145G.   Inquiries etc not prevented by other proceedings [NSW[#93]
   145H.   Complaint not to be referred if health practitioner or student dead [NSW[#93]
   145I.   Complaint need not be referred if health practitioner or student no longer registered [NSW[#93]
   145J.   Complaint need not be referred if complainant fails to provide further particulars [NSW[#93]

              Subdivision 3 - Disciplinary powers of Professional Standards Committees [NSW[#93]

   146.    Definitions [NSW[#93]
   146A.   Powers may be exercised if complaint proved or admitted [NSW[#93]
   146B.   General powers to caution, reprimand, counsel etc [NSW[#93]
   146C.   Power to fine in certain cases [NSW[#93]
   146D.   Committee can recommend suspension or cancellation on grounds of lack of physical or mental capacity [NSW[#93]
   146E.   Council may refer contravention of conditions to Tribunal [NSW[#93]

              Subdivision 4 - Dealing with complaints by Assessment Committee [NSW[#93]

   147.    Definitions [NSW[#93]
   147A.   Complaints that may be referred to Committee [NSW[#93]
   147B.   How complaints are dealt with [NSW[#93]
   147C.   Skills testing of relevant health practitioner [NSW[#93]
   147D.   Recommendations of Committee [NSW[#93]
   147E.   No representation for parties appearing before Committee [NSW[#93]

              Subdivision 5 - Dealing with complaint by inquiry at meeting of Council [NSW[#93]

   148.    Application of Subdivision [NSW[#93]
   148A.   Procedures for dealing with complaint at meeting [NSW[#93]
   148B.   General procedure [NSW[#93]
   148C.   Conduct of meeting [NSW[#93]
   148D.   Making submissions to inquiry [NSW[#93]
   148E.   General powers of Council [NSW[#93]
   148F.   Power to fine in certain cases [NSW[#93]
   148G.   Power of Council to recommend suspension or cancellation of registration [NSW[#93]
   148H.   Decision of the Council [NSW[#93]
   148I.   Admissibility of Council's findings [NSW[#93]

              Subdivision 6 - Disciplinary powers of Tribunals [NSW[#93]

   149.    Powers may be exercised if complaint proved or admitted [NSW[#93]
   149A.   General powers to caution, reprimand, counsel etc [NSW[#93]
   149B.   Power to fine registered health practitioner in certain cases [NSW[#93]
   149C.   Tribunal may suspend or cancel registration in certain cases [NSW[#93]
   149D.   Council may refer contravention of disciplinary order to Tribunal [NSW[#93]
   149E.   Effect of cancellation and disqualification decisions of Tribunal [NSW[#93]

              Subdivision 7 - Powers of a Council for protection of public [NSW[#93]

   150.    Suspension or conditions of registration to protect public [NSW[#93]
   150A.   Review of certain decisions [NSW[#93]
   150B.   Audio recording of meeting [NSW[#93]
   150C.   Power to remove or alter conditions or end suspension [NSW[#93]
   150D.   Referral of matter to Commission [NSW[#93]
   150E.   Special provision--performance assessment [NSW[#93]
   150F.   Special provisions--impairment [NSW[#93]
   150FA.  Critical impairment conditions [NSW[#93]
   150G.   (Repealed)
   150H.   Duration of conditions--complaint matters [NSW[#93]
   150I.   Duration of conditions--impairment matters [NSW[#93]
   150J.   Powers of Council to obtain information, records and evidence [NSW[#93]

              Subdivision 8 - Duty of courts etc to refer matters to Executive Officer [NSW[#93]

   151.    Referral of mental health matters to Executive Officer [NSW[#93]
   151A.   Referral of matters by courts [NSW[#93]
   151B.   Alternative reporting [NSW[#93]

           Division 4 - Impairment [NSW[#93]

   152.    Persons may notify Council of impairment matters concerning practitioners or students [NSW[#93]
   152A.   Commission may refer impairment matters to Council [NSW[#93]
   152B.   Council may require registered health practitioner to undergo examination [NSW[#93]
   152C.   Council may require student to undergo examination [NSW[#93]
   152D.   Referral of impairment matters concerning practitioners or students [NSW[#93]
   152E.   Panel must inquire into matters referred to it [NSW[#93]
   152F.   Panel not to take action while Commission investigating [NSW[#93]
   152G.   Council to give notice of proposed inquiry [NSW[#93]
   152H.   Practitioner or student entitled to make representations [NSW[#93]
   152I.   Assessment, report and recommendations by Panel [NSW[#93]
   152J.   Voluntary suspension or conditions on registration [NSW[#93]
   152K.   Review of conditions [NSW[#93]
   152L.   Some matters to be dealt with as complaints [NSW[#93]
   152M.   Prohibition or conditions on student [NSW[#93]

           Division 5 - Performance assessment [NSW[#93]

              Subdivision 1 - Preliminary [NSW[#93]

   153.    Meaning of "professional performance" [NSW[#93]
   153A.   Meaning of "unsatisfactory" in relation to professional performance [NSW[#93]

              Subdivision 2 - Council may obtain performance assessment [NSW[#93]

   154.    Power to obtain assessment [NSW[#93]
   154A.   Serious matters not to be referred for assessment [NSW[#93]
   154B.   Persons may notify Council of professional performance matters [NSW[#93]
   154C.   Commission may refer professional performance matters to Council [NSW[#93]

              Subdivision 3 - Assessment of professional performance by assessor [NSW[#93]

   155.    How Council obtains an assessment [NSW[#93]
   155A.   Information to be given to health practitioner [NSW[#93]
   155B.   Report and recommendations by assessor [NSW[#93]
   155C.   Action that may be taken by Council [NSW[#93]

              Subdivision 4 - Performance review by Performance Review Panel [NSW[#93]

   156.    Panel to conduct performance review [NSW[#93]
   156A.   Panel not to take action while Commission investigating [NSW[#93]
   156B.   Panel must refer certain matters to Council [NSW[#93]
   156C.   Actions by Panel [NSW[#93]
   156D.   Re-assessment [NSW[#93]
   156E.   Decision [NSW[#93]
   156F.   Statement need not contain confidential information [NSW[#93]

              Subdivision 5 - Miscellaneous [NSW[#93]

   157.    Monitoring by Council [NSW[#93]

           Division 6 - Appeals to Tribunal [NSW[#93]

              Subdivision 1 - Appeals against actions of Committee [NSW[#93]

   158.    Appeals against decisions of Committee [NSW[#93]
   158A.   Appeals on points of law [NSW[#93]

              Subdivision 2 - Appeal against actions by Council [NSW[#93]

   159.    Right of appeal [NSW[#93]
   159A.   Appeal by student against order [NSW[#93]
   159B.   Appeals on point of law [NSW[#93]
   159C.   Tribunal's powers on appeal [NSW[#93]

              Subdivision 3 - Appeal against actions of Performance Review Panel [NSW[#93]

   160.    Appeals against decisions of Panel [NSW[#93]
   160A.   Appeals on points of law [NSW[#93]

              Subdivision 4 - Miscellaneous [NSW[#93]

   161.    When appeal must be made [NSW[#93]
   161A.   (Repealed)
   161B.   Appeal does not stay decision [NSW[#93]

           Division 7 - (Repealed)

           Division 8 - Reviews [NSW[#93]

   163.    Appropriate review body [NSW[#93]
   163A.   Right of review [NSW[#93]
   163B.   Powers on review [NSW[#93]
   163C.   Inquiry into review application [NSW[#93]

           Division 9 - Enforcement powers [NSW[#93]

   164.    Appointment of authorised persons [NSW[#93]
   164A.   Powers of authorised persons [NSW[#93]
   164B.   Search warrants [NSW[#93]
   164C.   Offences [NSW[#93]
   164D.   Self-incrimination [NSW[#93]
   164E.   Offence of impersonating authorised person [NSW[#93]
   164F.   Authorised persons to produce certificate of authority [NSW[#93]
   164G.   Council may require further information from practitioner or student [NSW[#93]

           Division 10 - Constitution and proceedings of Tribunal

              Subdivision 1 - Interpretation

   165.    Definitions [NSW[#93]
   165A.   Relationship with NCAT Act [NSW[#93]

              Subdivision 2 - Constitution of Tribunal

   165B.   Constitution of Tribunal for complaints, applications and appeals [NSW[#93]
   165C.   Effect of vacancy on Tribunal [NSW[#93]

              Subdivision 3 - Proceedings of Tribunal [NSW[#93]

   165D.   Joinder of complaints [NSW[#93]
   165E.   Time when orders take effect [NSW[#93]
   165F.   Powers of Tribunal exercised by Supreme Court [NSW[#93]
   165G.   Executive Officer to be informed of disciplinary action [NSW[#93]

              Subdivision 4 - Inquiries and appeals before Tribunal [NSW[#93]

   165H.   No inquiry required if complaint admitted [NSW[#93]
   165I.   Notice of time and place of inquiry or appeal [NSW[#93]
   165J.   Representation before Tribunal [NSW[#93]
   165K.   When hearings may be closed to public [NSW[#93]
   165L.   Interlocutory orders [NSW[#93]
   165M.   Tribunal to provide details of decisions [NSW[#93]

           Division 11 - Professional Standards Committees [NSW[#93]

              Subdivision 1 - Preliminary [NSW[#93]

   168.    Definitions [NSW[#93]

              Subdivision 2 - Establishment and membership of Committees [NSW[#93]

   169.    Establishment of Committees [NSW[#93]
   169A.   Council to establish Committee when required [NSW[#93]
   169B.   Membership of Committee [NSW[#93]

              Subdivision 3 - Proceedings of Committees [NSW[#93]

   170.    Multiple inquiries [NSW[#93]
   170A.   How a Committee decides [NSW[#93]
   170B.   Time when orders take effect [NSW[#93]
   170C.   Committee to inform Executive Officer of its actions under disciplinary provisions [NSW[#93]
   170D.   Chairperson may exercise certain powers of Committee [NSW[#93]
   170E.   Effect of vacancy on Committee [NSW[#93]

              Subdivision 4 - Inquiries before Committees [NSW[#93]

   171.    Committee to hold inquiry into complaint [NSW[#93]
   171A.   Procedure for inquiry [NSW[#93]
   171B.   Representation at inquiry [NSW[#93]
   171C.   Adjournments and interlocutory orders [NSW[#93]
   171D.   Committee must refer certain matters to Tribunal [NSW[#93]
   171E.   Committee to provide details of decision [NSW[#93]
   171F.   Statement need not contain confidential information [NSW[#93]
   171G.   Record of inquiry [NSW[#93]

           Division 12 - Assessment Committees [NSW[#93]

   172.    Definitions [NSW[#93]
   172A.   Establishment of Committees [NSW[#93]
   172B.   Membership of Committee [NSW[#93]
   172C.   Multiple inquiries [NSW[#93]

           Division 13 - Impaired Registrants Panels [NSW[#93]

   173.    Establishment of Impaired Registrants Panels [NSW[#93]
   173A.   Council to establish Panel when required [NSW[#93]
   173B.   Decisions of Panel [NSW[#93]

           Division 14 - Performance Review Panels and assessors [NSW[#93]

   174.    Establishment of Performance Review Panels [NSW[#93]
   174A.   Membership of Performance Review Panels [NSW[#93]
   174B.   Decisions of Panel [NSW[#93]
   174C.   Certain powers may be exercised by Chairperson [NSW[#93]
   174D.   Assessors [NSW[#93]

           Division 14A - Appeals [NSW[#93]

   175.    Appellable decisions [NSW[#93]
   175A.   Parties to the proceedings [NSW[#93]
   175B.   Costs
   175C.   Decision

           Division 14B - Miscellaneous [NSW[#93]

   176.    Notice from adjudication body [NSW[#93]
   176A.   Implementation of decisions
   176B.   National Board to give notice to registered health practitioner's employer and other entities [NSW[#93]
   176BA.  Council to notify employers and accreditors about conditions concerning health, conduct or performance of health practitioners [NSW[#93]
   176BB.  Council to notify employers and accreditors about suspension or cancellation of registration and possible contravention of conditions [NSW[#93]
   176C.   Adjudication body to consider impact of decision on third parties [NSW[#93]
   176D.   Effect of suspension [NSW[#93]
   176E.   Protection from liability for certain publications [NSW[#93]
   176F.   Confidentiality of protected reports
           177-207. (Repealed)


   208.    Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency Fund
   209.    Payments into Agency Fund
   210.    Payments out of Agency Fund
   211.    Investment of money in Agency Fund
   212.    Financial management duties of National Agency and National Boards


           Division 1A - Australian Information Commissioner

   212A.   Application of Commonwealth AIC Act

           Division 1 - Privacy

   213.    Application of Commonwealth Privacy Act

           Division 2 - Disclosure of information and confidentiality

   214.    Definition
   215.    Application of Commonwealth FOI Act
   216.    Duty of confidentiality
   217.    Disclosure of information for workforce planning
   218.    Disclosure of information for information management and communication purposes
   219.    Disclosure of information to other Commonwealth, State and Territory entities
   220.    Disclosure to protect health or safety of patients or other persons
   220A.   Disclosure of information about registered health practitioners to protect health or safety of persons
   220B.   Disclosure of information about unregistered persons to protect health or safety of persons
   221.    Disclosure to registration authorities

           Division 3 - Registers in relation to registered health practitioner

   221A.   Definitions [NSW[#93]
   222.    Public national registers
   223.    Specialists Registers
   224.    Way registers are to be kept
   225.    Information to be recorded in National Register
   226.    National Board may decide not to include or to remove certain information in register
   227.    Register about former registered health practitioners
   228.    Inspection of registers

           Division 4 - Student registers

   229.    Student registers
   230.    Information to be recorded in student register

           Division 5 - Other records

   231.    Other records to be kept by National Boards
   232.    Record of adjudication decisions to be kept and made publicly available

           Division 6 - Unique identifier

   233.    Unique identifier to be given to each registered health practitioner


           Division 1 - Provisions relating to persons exercising functions under Law

   234.    General duties of persons exercising functions under this Law
   235.    Application of Commonwealth Ombudsman Act
   236.    Protection from personal liability for persons exercising functions
   236A.   Protection from personal liability for persons exercising functions under NSW provisions [NSW[#93]
   237.    Protection from liability for persons making notification or otherwise providing information

           Division 2 - Inspectors

   238.    Functions and powers of inspectors
   239.    Appointment of inspectors
   240.    Identity card
   241.    Display of identity card

           Division 3 - Legal proceedings

   241A.   Proceedings for indictable offences
   242.    Proceedings for other offences
   243.    Conduct may constitute offence and be subject of disciplinary proceedings
   244.    Evidentiary certificates
   244A.   Evidentiary certificates for NSW provisions [NSW[#93]

           Division 4 - Regulations

   245.     National regulations
   246.    Parliamentary scrutiny of national regulations
   247.    Effect of disallowance of national regulation
   247A.   NSW regulations [NSW[#93]

           Division 5 - Miscellaneous

   248.    Combined notice may be given
   249.    Fees


           Division 1 - Preliminary

   250.    Definitions
   251.    References to registered health practitioners

           Division 2 - Ministerial Council

   252.    Directions given by Ministerial council
   253.    Accreditation functions exercised by existing accreditation entities
   254.    Health profession standards approved by Ministerial Council
   255.    Accreditation standards approved by National Board

           Division 3 - Advisory Council

   256.    Members of Advisory Council

           Division 4 - National Agency

   257.    Health profession agreements
   258.    Service agreement

           Division 5 - Agency Management Committee

   259.    Members of Agency Management Committee

           Division 6 - Staff, consultants and contractors of National Agency

   260.    Chief executive officer
   261.    Staff
   262.    Consultants and contractors

           Division 7 - Reports

   263.    Annual report

           Division 8 - National Boards

   264.    Members of National Boards
   265.    Committees
   266.    Delegation

           Division 9 - Agency Fund

   267.    Agency Fund

           Division 10 - Offences

   268.    Offences

           Division 11 - Registration

   269.    General registration
   270.    Specialist registration
   271.    Provisional registration
   272.    Limited registration
   273.    Limited registration (public interest-occasional practice)
   274.    Non-practising registration
   275.    Registration for existing registered students
   276.    Registration for new students
   277.    Other registrations
   278.    Endorsements
   279.    Conditions imposed on registration or endorsement
   280.    Expiry of registration and endorsement
   281.    Protected titles for certain specialist health practitioners
   282.    First renewal of registration or endorsement
   283.    Programs of study
   284.    Exemption from requirement for professional indemnity insurance arrangements for midwives practising private midwifery

           Division 12 - Applications for registration and endorsement

   285.    Applications for registration
   286.    Applications for endorsement
   287.    Disqualifications and conditions relevant to applications for registration

           Division 13 - Complaints, notifications and disciplinary proceedings

   288.    Complaints and notifications made but not being dealt with on participation day
   289.    Complaints and notifications being dealt with on participation day
   290.    Effect of suspension
   291.    Undertakings and other agreements
   292.    Orders
           Division 14 - Local registration authority

   294.    Definition
   295.       296.    Records relating to registration and accreditation
   297.       298.       299.    Members of local registration authority

           Division 15 - Staged commencement for certain health professions

   300.    Application of Law to relevant health profession between commencement and 1 July 2012
   301.    Ministerial Council may appoint external accreditation entity
   302.    Application of Law to appointment of first National Board for relevant professions
   303.    Qualifications for general registration in relevant profession
   304.    Relationship with other provisions of Law

           Division 16 - (Repealed)


           Division 1 - Paramedicine Board and registration of paramedics

   306.    Definitions
   307.    Establishment of Paramedicine Board
   308.    Powers and functions of Paramedicine Board
   309.    Paramedicine Board taken to be a National Board for stated matters
   310.    CAA accredited programs of study
   311.    Qualifications for general registration in paramedicine for a limited period
   312.    Accepted qualification for general registration in paramedicine
   313.    Provisions that apply to student registration for Diploma of Paramedical Science
   314.    Applications for registration in paramedicine and period of registration
   315.    Applications for registration in paramedicine made but not decided before participation day
   316.    Period after participation day during which an individual does not commit an offence under ss 113 and 116
   317.    Application of ss 113 and 116 to individual temporarily practising paramedicine in another jurisdiction

           Division 2 - Other transitional provisions

   318.    Deciding review period for decision on application made under section 125 before commencement
   319.    Deciding review period for decision after notice given under section 126 before commencement
   320.    Membership of continued National Boards
   321.       322.    Register to include prohibition orders made before commencement
   323.    Public national registers


   324.    Renaming of Agency Management Committee
   325.    Saving of endorsement of midwife practitioner
           Schedule 1 (Repealed)
           SCHEDULE 2
           SCHEDULE 3
           SCHEDULE 4
           SCHEDULE 5
           SCHEDULE 5A
           SCHEDULE 5B
           SCHEDULE 5C
           SCHEDULE 5D
           SCHEDULE 5E
           SCHEDULE 5F
           SCHEDULE 6
           SCHEDULE 7

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