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Summary case conference

    (1)     A summary case conference is a conference between the prosecution and the accused for the purpose of managing the progression of the case including—

        (a)     identifying and providing to the accused any information, document or thing in the possession of the prosecution that may assist the accused to understand the evidence available to the prosecution; and

        (b)     identifying any issues in dispute; and

        (c)     identifying the steps required to advance the case; and

        (d)     any other purpose prescribed by the rules of court.

S. 54(2) amended by Nos 30/2010 s. 59(1), 48/2012 s. 12.

    (2)     If a preliminary brief is served within 21 days after the day on which the charge-sheet is filed, a summary case conference must be conducted before—

        (a)     the charge is set down for a contest mention hearing or a summary hearing; or

        (b)     a request for a full brief is made under section 39(1).

    (3)     The Magistrates' Court may direct the parties to attend a summary case conference.

    (4)     Nothing in this section prevents a summary case conference from being conducted at any other time, if the parties agree.

S. 54(5) substituted by No. 30/2010 s. 59(2).

    (5)     If an accused is not legally represented, the Magistrates' Court may dispense with the requirement under subsection (2) to conduct a summary case conference.

S. 54(6) substituted by No. 30/2010 s. 59(2).

    (6)     A summary case conference must be conducted in accordance with the rules of court.

S. 54(7) amended by No. 22/2020 s. 12.

    (7)     Evidence of—

        (a)     anything said or done in the course of a summary case conference; or

        (b)     any document prepared solely for the purposes of a summary case conference—

is not admissible in any proceeding before any court or tribunal or in any inquiry in which evidence is or may be given before any court or person acting judicially,


S. 54(7)(c) inserted by No. 22/2020 s. 12.

        (c)     all parties to the summary case conference agree to the giving of the evidence; or

S. 54(7)(d) inserted by No. 22/2020 s. 12.

        (d)     the proceeding is a criminal proceeding for an offence alleged to have been committed during, or in connection with, the summary case conference.

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