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Application for licence

S. 33(1) amended by Nos 52/1998 s. 197(1), 1/2010 s. 42(2)(Sch. item 42) (as amended by No. 63/2010 s. 27).

    (1)     A natural person aged 18 years or more who is not already a licensee may apply to the Authority for a licence authorising him or her to carry on business as a sex work service provider, whether of the kind referred to in the definition of brothel in section 3 or as an escort agency or both.

    (2)     An application—

S. 33(2)(a) amended by No. 52/1998 s. 197(2).

        (a)     must be in writing in the form approved by the Authority;

        (b)     must specify—

              (i)     the name, address, occupation and date of birth—

    (A)     of the applicant; and

    (B)     of the owner of the premises on which the applicant intends to carry on the business or, if the owner is a body corporate, of each director and the secretary of the body corporate;

              (ii)     the address of the premises at which, and the name or names under which, the applicant intends to carry on the business;

              (iii)     whether the applicant intends to carry on the business in partnership with, or otherwise in association or conjunction with, another person;

              (iv)     any other matters that are prescribed;

        (c)     must be signed by the applicant;

        (d)     must be accompanied by—

              (i)     the prescribed application fee;

S. 33(2)(d)(ia) inserted by No. 47/1997 s. 12.

        (ia)     the prescribed licence fee;

              (ii)     any other things that are prescribed.

S. 33(3) inserted by No. 99/1995 s. 30(1), amended by Nos 52/1998 s. 197(1), 37/2014 s. 10(Sch. item 155.14).

    (3)     An applicant must consent to having his or her fingerprints taken by an officer of the Authority or an authorised police officer.

S. 33(4) inserted by No. 99/1995 s. 30(1), amended by No. 52/1998 s. 197(1).

    (4)     The Authority may refuse to consider an application for a licence if the applicant refuses to allow his or her fingerprints to be taken.

S. 34 substituted by No. 52/1998 s. 198, amended by No. 44/1999 s. 9.

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