Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Application in approved form--requirements for filing

  (1)   To be taken to be filed, an application for registration of a trade mark that is in an approved form must:

  (a)   state that the application is for registration of the trade mark, or contain a clear indication to that effect; and

  (b)   include a representation of the trade mark that is sufficient to identify the trade mark; and

  (c)   specify the goods and/or services in relation to which the application is made; and

  (d)   include sufficient information to enable the Registrar to establish the identity of the applicant; and

  (e)   contain sufficient information to enable the Registrar to contact the applicant.

  (2)   If an application does not meet a requirement set out in paragraph   (1)(a), (b), (c) or (d), the Registrar must notify the applicant of the requirement.

  (3)   If the applicant meets the requirement within a period of 2 months from the date of the notification, the application is taken to be filed on the day on which the requirement is met.

  (4)   If the applicant does not meet the requirement within that period, the application is taken not to have been filed.

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