South Australian Current Regulations

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- under the Dangerous Substances Act 1979


   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Scope of Act and regulations

   PART 2--Interpretation

           Division 1--General

   4.      Interpretation
   5.      Reference to ADG Code extends to special provisions
   6.      References in the ADG Code to regulations
   7.      References to codes, standards and rules
   8.       References to licences, determinations, approvals and exemptions
   9.      References to variation of licences, determinations, approvals and exemptions
   10.     Inconsistency between regulations and codes etc
   11.     Transitional arrangement if ADG Code or related instrument amended or remade

           Division 2--Key concepts

   12.     Dangerous goods
   13.     Goods too dangerous to transport
   14.     UN Classes, Divisions and Categories
   15.     Subsidiary Hazard
   16.     Packing Groups
   17.     Incompatibility

   PART 3--Licences

           Division 1--Preliminary

   18.     Circumstances in which licence required
   19.     Part additional to other laws

           Division 2--Dangerous goods driver licences

   20.     Application for licence or renewal of licence
   21.     Grant of licence
   22.     Renewal of licence
   23.     Licence period
   24.     Licence conditions imposed by Competent Authority
   25.     Licence condition requiring production of certificate of medical fitness

           Division 3--Dangerous goods vehicle licences

   26.     Application for licence or renewal of licence
   27.     Grant or renewal of licence
   28.     Licence period
   29.     Licence conditions imposed by Competent Authority

           Division 4--Cancellation, suspension and variation of licences

   30.     Interpretation
   31.     Variation of licence on application
   32.     When licence taken to be suspended
   33.     Grounds for cancelling, suspending or varying licence
   34.     Cancellation and suspension giving effect to court order
   35.     When cancellation, suspension and variation take effect

           Division 5--Licences generally

   36.     Interpretation
   37.     Replacement licences
   38.     Failure to comply with licence condition
   39.     Surrender of licence
   40.     Change of information given in licence application
   41.     Production of licence to Competent Authority

           Division 6--Corresponding licences

   42.     Corresponding licences

           Division 7--Additional requirements

   43.     Driver licence to be carried
   44.     Disposal of licensed vehicle
   45.     Consignor's duties

   PART 4--General industry requirements

           Division 1--Insurance

   46.     Requirements for insurance
   47.     Requiring evidence of insurance etc

           Division 2--Instruction and training

   48.     Instruction and training

           Division 3--Goods suspected of being dangerous goods

   49.     Goods suspected of being dangerous goods

   PART 5--Packaging

           Division 1--General

   50.     Packing of dangerous goods in limited or excepted quantities
   51.     Suitability of packaging for transport
   52.     References to Part 4 of ADG Code include Dangerous Goods List requirements (including Special Provisions) and determinations effectively modifying Part 4
   53.     Breach of conditions of approvals
   54.     Marking packaging
   55.     Seller's and supplier's duties

           Division 2--MEGCs, portable tanks, demountable tanks, bulk containers, freight containers and tanks on tank vehicles

   56.     Application of Division
   57.     Manufacturer's duties--compliance plates
   58.     Owner's duties
   59.     Consignor's duties
   60.     Packer's duties
   61.     Loader's duties
   62.     Prime contractor's and rail operator's duties
   63.     Driver's duties

           Division 3--Overpacks

   64.     Consignor's duties
   65.     Duty on packers
   66.     Loader's duties
   67.     Prime contractor's and rail operator's duties
   68.     Driver's duties

           Division 4--Other packaging

   69.     Meaning of other packaging
   70.     Consignor's duties
   71.     Packer's duties
   72.     Loader's duties
   73.     Prime contractor's and rail operator's duties
   74.     Driver's duties

   PART 6--Signage

           Division 1--Marking and labelling of packages

   75.     Appropriately marked and labelled
   76.     Consignor's duties
   77.     Packer's duties
   78.     Prime contractor's and rail operator's duties

           Division 2--Placarding of loads

   79.     Appropriately placarded
   80.     Consignor's duties
   81.     Loader's duties
   82.     Prime contractor's and rail operator's duties
   83.     Driver's duties

   PART 7--Vehicles and equipment

           Division 1--Standards

   84.     Owner's duties
   85.     Consignor's duties
   86.     Loader's duties
   87.     Prime contractor's and rail operator's duties
   88.     Driver's duties

           Division 2--Safety equipment

   89.     Owner's duties
   90.     Prime contractor's duties
   91.     Driver's duties

   PART 8--Self-reactive substances, organic peroxides and certain other substances

           Division 1--Self-reactive substances, organic peroxides and certain other substances

   92.     Interpretation
   93.     Owner's duties
   94.     Consignor's duties
   95.     Loader's duties
   96.     Prime contractor's and rail operator's duties
   97.     Driver's duties

           Division 2--Nominally empty storage vessels

   98.     Application of Division
   99.     Consignor's duties
   100.    Loader's duties
   101.    Prime contractor's and rail operator's duties
   102.    Driver's duties

   PART 9--Stowage and restraint

   103.    Consignor's duties
   104.    Loader's duties
   105.    Prime contractor's and rail operator's duties
   106.    Driver's duties

   PART 10--Segregation

   107.    Application of Part
   108.    Exceptions
   109.    Consignor's duties
   110.    Loader's duties
   111.    Prime contractor's duties
   112.    Rail operator's duties
   113.    Driver's duties

   PART 11--Special requirements for transport in tank vehicles and bulk transfer

           Division 1--Equipment and transfer

   114.    Application of Division
   115.    Transferor's duties--hose assemblies
   116.    Transferor's duties--general
   117.    Occupier's duties
   118.    Prime contractor's duties
   119.    Rail operator's duties

           Division 2--Filling ratio and ullage for tank vehicles

   120.    Transferor's duties
   121.    Prime contractor's and rail operator's duties
   122.    Driver's duties

   PART 12--Documentation

           Division 1--Transport documentation

   123.    False or misleading information
   124.    Consignor's duties--transport by road vehicle
   125.    Consignor's duties--transport by rail
   126.    Prime contractor's duties
   127.    Rail operator's duties
   128.    Driver's duties
   129.    Train driver's duties

           Division 2--Emergency information

   130.    Meaning of required emergency information
   131.    Consignor's duties
   132.    Prime contractor's duties
   133.    Rail operator's duties
   134.    Driver's duties
   135.    Train driver's duties

           Division 3--Dangerous goods packed in limited quantities

   136.    Consignor's duties
   137.    Prime contractor's duties
   138.    False or misleading information

   PART 13--Procedures during transport

           Division 1--General precautions--driver's duties

   139.    Driving
   140.    Parking
   141.    Control of ignition sources
   142.    Unloading or unpacking
   143.    Detaching trailer
   144.    Road tank vehicle equipped with burner

           Division 2--General precautions--prime contractor's duties

   145.    Parking
   146.    Unloading
   147.    Detaching trailer
   148.    Road tank equipped with burner

           Division 3--Routes, times etc

   149.    Prime contractor's and rail operator's duties
   150.    Driver's duties

           Division 4--Immobilised and stopped vehicles

   151.    Interpretation
   152.    Driver's duties
   153.    Prime contractor's duties
   154.    Rail operator's duties

           Division 5--Emergencies generally

   155.    Driver's duties
   156.    Train driver's and rail operator's duties
   157.    Prime contractor's and rail operator's duties--food or food packaging
   158.    Prime contractor's and rail operator's duties--reporting

           Division 6--Emergencies involving placard loads

   159.    Telephone advisory service for certain placard loads
   160.    Emergency plans
   161.    Provision of information and resources

   PART 14--ADG Code Special Provisions

   162.    Application of this Part
   163.    Consignor's duties
   164.    Packer's duties
   165.    Loader's duties
   166.    Prime contractor's and rail operator's duties
   167.    Driver's duties

   PART 15--Administration

           Division 1--Determinations and approvals

              Subdivision 1--Determinations

   168.    Determinations
   169.    Corresponding determinations

              Subdivision 2--Approvals

   170.    Approvals
   171.    Corresponding approvals

              Subdivision 3--General

   172.    Application of Subdivision
   173.    Application for determination or approval
   174.    Court orders
   175.    Form and term of determination or approval
   176.    Variation or revocation of determination or approval on application
   177.    Grounds for revocation or variation
   178.    Revocation giving effect to court orders
   179.    When revocation and variation take effect
   180.    Application for reconsideration of decision

           Division 2--Exemptions

   181.    Applications for exemptions
   182.    Corresponding exemptions

           Division 3--Relationship with corresponding authorities

   183.    References to CAP
   184.    Recommendations by Competent Authority
   185.    Recommendations by corresponding authorities

           Division 4--Register

   186.    Register
   187.    Inspection of register

           Division 5--Service of notices

   188.    Giving of notice
           SCHEDULE 1--Repeal of Dangerous Substances (Dangerous Goods Transport) Regulations 2008
           Legislative history

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