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Schedule 2—Pregnancy outcome data and statistics

Part 1—Pregnancy outcome information

The information required for the purposes of regulation 27 is as follows:


Details required


The baby's birth

Family name (if different from the birth mother's family name)

Name of baby (if known)

Place of birth

            (a)         if the baby was born in a hospital—the name and address of the hospital

            (b)         if the baby was born in some other place—the name, or a description of, that place (eg birthing unit/centre, at home etc)

Case record number of the baby

Date and time of birth

Sex of the baby

If the baby's birth was a multiple birth—

            (a)         the number of babies born

            (b)         the baby's birth order

Birth weight

Gestation at birth

Apgar scores (1 minute and 5 minutes)

The time taken to establish regular breathing

If resuscitation was required at delivery, the type of resuscitation used

Details of any condition occurring during the birth
(eg a dislocation, fracture, nerve injury etc)

Details of any congenital abnormality apparent in the baby [ Note—diagnosis of a congenital abnormality must be notified to the Minister in accordance with regulation 28 ]

Details of medical treatments provided to the baby after birth
(eg treatments such as oxygen therapy for a period greater than 4 hours, phototherapy for jaundice, intravenous therapy etc)

Details of nursery care required and, if the baby was transferred to intensive care, whether this was for a congenital abnormality

Details of the outcome of the baby
(eg fetal death, baby discharged alive, baby still in hospital 28 days after birth, neonatal death etc)

If the baby was transferred from 1 hospital to another, details of the date this occurred and the baby's destination

Date of final discharge (or death) of the baby


The baby's birth mother



Case record number

Date of birth

Indigenous Australian status, race and ethnicity

Country of birth

Type of patient (ie hospital/public patient or private patient)

Marital status


Details of the outcomes of any previous pregnancies
(eg number of livebirths, stillbirths, neonatal deaths, miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies or terminations)

Details of the pregnancy previous to the pregnancy resulting in the baby's birth, including—

            (a)         the outcome

            (b)         the date of delivery or termination (whether by miscarriage or otherwise)

Details of the method of delivery of the baby born (if any) immediately previous to this baby's birth

Number of caesarean sections (if any) the mother has undergone


The pregnancy resulting in the baby's birth

Date of last menstrual period

Intended place of birth

Details of any antenatal care received including—

            (a)         type of care

            (b)         number of visits

            (c)         gestation, height and weight at first antenatal visit

Details of the mother's tobacco smoking during pregnancy and, if relevant, details of any cessation advice given

Details of any medical conditions of the mother present in this pregnancy
(eg anaemia, epilepsy, diabetes etc)

Details of any obstetric complications of the mother
(eg threatened miscarriage, antepartum haemorrhage etc)

Details of medical and surgical procedures performed during the pregnancy
(eg medical procedures such as ultrasound examinations and surgical procedures such as amniocentesis, cordocentesis etc)

Date of admission to hospital prior to delivery

Date of—

            (a)         discharge

            (b)         transfer to another hospital

            (c)         death


The labour, delivery of the baby and puerperium

Details of the onset of labour
(eg spontaneous, no labour, induced labour etc)

Details of any induction or augmentation of labour (including the reason for the induction)

Details of the presentation of the baby prior to delivery
(eg breech, vertex, brow etc)

Details of the method of delivery of the baby
(eg normal spontaneous, forceps, caesarean etc)

If the baby was delivered by caesarean section, the reason for so doing

Details of any complications of the labour, delivery and puerperium
(eg fetal distress, retained placenta, cord prolapse etc)

Details of any cardiotocograph (CTG) or fetal scalp pH taken during labour

Details of the perineal status after delivery
(eg intact, tear, episiotomy etc)

Details of any analgesia given for the labour
(eg nitrous oxide and oxygen, narcotic, epidural etc)

Details of any anaesthesia given for the delivery
(eg pudendal, epidural, spinal, general etc)


The baby's birth father


Part 2—Information relating to congenital abnormalities

The information required for the purposes of regulation 28 is as follows:


Details required


The child

Name and address

Place of birth

            (a)         if the child was born in a hospital—the name of the hospital and (if available) the child's case record number

            (b)         if the child was born in some other place—the name, or a description of, that place (eg birthing unit/centre, at home etc)

Date of birth

If the child is receiving treatment in a hospital—the case record number from the hospital

If the child was not born in South Australia, the place where the child was born

Sex of the child

If the child's birth was a multiple birth—

            (a)         the number of babies born

            (b)         the child's birth order

The name, address and contact telephone number of any medical practitioner caring for the child

If the child is deceased, the date of death and details of any autopsy performed


The child's mother

Name (including any previous names)

Date of birth

Indigenous Australian status, race and ethnicity


The diagnosis

Each congenital abnormality diagnosed

Family history of any congenital abnormalities present in the baby's parents, siblings or other specified relatives

Address of the mother during the first 16 weeks of pregnancy

Exposure of the baby's parents to possible teratogens

Whether any prenatal or postnatal diagnostic tests were carried out and (if so) the results of those tests

Name and address of the obstetrician and midwife


If the diagnosis was not made in a hospital—the medical practitioner who made the diagnosis


Address of medical practice

Date of diagnosis




If the diagnosis was made in a hospital—the person responsible for the management of the hospital



Address of hospital



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