South Australian Current Regulations

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- under the Health Care Act 2008


   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Interpretation

   PART 2--Regulations relating to specific provisions of Act

   4.      Health service
   5.      Establishment of Councils
   6.      Administration
   7.      Prescribed requirements for engagement strategies
   8.      Accrued rights for employees
   9.      Emergency ambulance services
   10.     Licence to provide non-emergency ambulance services
   11.     Health services entities
   12.     Appointment of RCA teams
   13.     Restrictions on RCA teams
   14.     Reports and protection of information
   15.     Recognised organisations

   PART 3--Deductible gift recipient status

   16.     Deductible gift recipient status

   PART 4--Private hospitals

   17.     Duration of licences
   18.     Prescribed records--licensee to keep register
   19.     Provision of health services data and statistics to Minister

   PART 5--Private day procedure centres

   20.     Interpretation
   21.     Certain services excluded from definition of health services for purposes of Part 10A of Act
   22.     Prescribed health service
   23.     Conditions of licence
   24.     Duration of licences
   25.     Prescribed records--licensee to keep register
   26.     Provision of health services data and statistics to Minister

   PART 6--Pregnancy outcome data and statistics

   27.     Provision of pregnancy outcome information
   28.     Notification of diagnosis of congenital abnormality
   29.     Obligation of medical practitioner etc to provide information
   30.     How information to be provided
   31.     Confidentiality

   PART 7--Reporting of cancer

   32.     Reporting obligations of hospitals or health services incorporating radiotherapy clinics
   33.     Reporting obligations of pathology laboratories
   34.     Provision of information by medical practitioners

   PART 8--Clinical competencies and scope of practice

   35.     Clinical competencies and scope of practice
           SCHEDULE 1--Private hospitals
           SCHEDULE 2--Pregnancy outcome data and statistics
           SCHEDULE 3--Repeal of Health Care Regulations 2008
           Legislative history

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