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Board of ambulance service[1]

S. 17(1) amended by No. 21/1995
s. 3(a), substituted by No. 51/2004 s. 11(2).

    (1)     There shall be a board of directors of each ambulance service.

S. 17(1A) inserted by No. 51/2004 s. 11(2).

    (1A)     The board of an ambulance service shall consist of not less than 6 and not more than 9 directors appointed by the Governor in Council on the recommendation of the Minister.

S. 17(2) substituted by No. 21/1995
s. 3(b), amended by No. 51/2004 s. 11(3).

    (2)     A director holds office for 3 years from the date of her or his appointment unless a shorter period is specified in her or his instrument of appointment.

S. 17(3) repealed by No. 21/1995 s. 3(b), new  s. 17(3) inserted by No. 51/2004 s. 11(4), substituted by No. 52/2017 s. 73(1).

    (3)     In making a recommendation under subsection (1A), the Minister must—

        (a)     ensure that the board includes at least one person who is able to reflect the perspectives of users of ambulance services; and

        (b)     ensure that women and men are adequately represented; and

        (c)     have regard to any prescribed matters; and

        (d)     for the period of 3 years from the commencement of section 73(1) of the  Health Legislation Amendment (Quality and Safety) Act 2017 , consider the desirability of limiting the term of a reappointment of a director so that the combined term of the director's initial appointment, any reappointment and any proposed reappointment does not exceed 9 consecutive years.

S. 17(4) repealed by No. 21/1995 s. 3(b), new s. 17(4) inserted by No. 51/2004 s. 11(4).

    (4)     The Governor in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister, may appoint one of the directors of the board to be the Chairperson of the board.

S. 17(5) repealed by No. 21/1995 s. 3(b), new s. 17(5) inserted by No. 51/2004 s. 11(4).

    (5)     A director is to be paid such remuneration (if any) as is fixed in the director's instrument of appointment and is to be reimbursed for any travelling or personal expenses incurred in connection with the appointment to the board that the Minister thinks are reasonable.

S. 17(6) repealed by No. 21/1995 s. 3(b), new s. 17(6) inserted by No. 51/2004 s. 11(4).

    (6)     Despite subsection (5), a director who is also a member of the Legislative Council or a member of the Legislative Assembly is not entitled to be paid remuneration as a director.

S. 17(7) amended by Nos 21/1995
s. 3(c), 51/2004 s. 11(5), 52/2017 s. 73(2).

    (7)     Directors may be reappointed, subject to section 17A.

S. 17(8) amended by No. 51/2004 s. 11(6).

    (8)     A director may resign from office by delivering a signed letter of resignation to the Governor in Council.

S. 17(9) amended by No. 51/2004 s. 11(7).

    (9)     The Governor in Council may, on the recommendation of the Minister, remove a director, or all the directors of a board, from office.

S. 17(10) amended by Nos 21/1995
s. 3(d), 51/2004 s. 11(8).

    (10)     If a vacancy occurs, or is about to occur, in the office of a director, the board may submit to the Minister the name of a person eligible to fill the vacancy.

S. 17A inserted by No. 52/2017 s. 74.

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