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Chief executive officer

    (1)     The board of an ambulance service must appoint a person as the chief executive officer and must cause any vacancy in the office of chief executive officer to be filled as soon as possible.


Section 23(1)(e) provides that the Governor in Council, by Order, on the recommendation of the Minister, may appoint the initial chief executive officer of a newly constituted ambulance service.

    (2)     The board of an ambulance service must not appoint a person as chief executive officer unless the Secretary approves—

        (a)     the appointment of that person; and

        (b)     the terms and conditions (including remuneration) of the appointment.

    (3)     The functions of the chief executive officer are—

        (a)     to manage the ambulance service in accordance with—

              (i)     the financial and business plans, strategies and budgets developed by the board; and

              (ii)     the instructions of the board; and

        (b)     to assist the board to enable it to perform its functions effectively and efficiently; and

        (c)     to prepare material for consideration by the board including statements of priorities (where applicable), strategic plans, business plans, strategies and budgets; and

S. 21(3)(d) substituted by No. 52/2017 s. 77.

        (d)     to implement effective and accountable systems to monitor and improve the quality, safety and effectiveness of services provided by the ambulance service; and

S. 21(3)(e) substituted by No. 52/2017 s. 77.

        (e)     to ensure that the ambulance service continuously strives to improve the quality and safety of the services it provides and to foster innovation; and

        (f)     to ensure that the board's decisions are implemented effectively and efficiently throughout the ambulance service; and

        (g)     to inform the board in a timely manner of any issues of public concern or risks that affect or may affect the ambulance service; and

        (h)     to inform the board, the Secretary and the Minister without delay of any significant issues of public concern or significant risks affecting the ambulance service.

    (4)     In performing his or her functions, the chief executive officer must have regard to—

        (a)     the needs and views of patients and other users of the ambulance service and the communities that the ambulance service serves; and

        (b)     the need to ensure that the ambulance service uses its resources in an effective and efficient manner; and

        (c)     the need to ensure that resources of the Victorian public health system and emergency response services generally are used effectively and efficiently.

S. 22 amended by No. 46/1998 s. 7(Sch. 1), substituted by No. 51/2004 s. 14.

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