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Trusts in relation to ambulance services

    (1)     On and from the date on which an Order under section 23 comes into operation, being an Order that abolishes an ambulance service or removes an ambulance service from the list in Schedule 1 and transfers its assets, powers, works, rights, liabilities or obligations to another ambulance service (the new ambulance service)—

        (a)     the abolished ambulance service must be taken, for the purposes of any trust in relation to it, not to have been abolished or removed from the list in Schedule 1; and

        (b)     the new ambulance service must be taken to be the same body as the abolished ambulance service for those purposes; and

        (c)     without limiting the effect of paragraphs (a) and (b), an instrument creating a trust in relation to—

              (i)     the abolished ambulance service; or

              (ii)     another abolished ambulance service of which the abolished ambulance service is the successor ambulance service

continues to have effect according to its tenor as if the trust were in relation to the new ambulance service.

    (2)     Subsection (1) has effect with respect to—

        (a)     an Order made under section 23 before the commencement of the Ambulance Services (Further Amendment) Act 1999 ; and

        (b)     an instrument of a kind referred to in subsection (1)(c)—

in the same way as it would if it had been in force at the time when the Order was made and must be taken to have always had that effect on and from that time.

Pt 6 (Heading and ss 24–32) amended by Nos 21/1995 ss 5(a)–(d), 6(a)–(c), 46/1998 s. 7(Sch. 1), repealed by No. 38/1998 s. 11.

    *     *     *     *     *

Part 7—General provisions

S. 33
amended by No. 38/1998 s. 12(a).

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