Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Exemption from a requirement in Schedule 5 to Patents Regulations

             (1)  The Board may exempt an applicant from having to satisfy all or some of the requirements mentioned in Schedule 5 to the Patents Regulations 1991 .

             (2)  The Board must not give an exemption to an applicant unless:

                     (a)  the applicant makes an application in the form approved by the Board; and

                     (b)  the applicant gives the Board enough information for the Board to be satisfied under paragraph (c); and

                     (c)  the Board is satisfied that:

                              (i)  the applicant has passed a course of study at a satisfactory level; and

                             (ii)  the course of study has outcomes that are the same as, or similar to, those of a knowledge requirement for which the exemption is sought.

             (3)  The Board may give an exemption under subregulation (1) if it is satisfied that the applicant has successfully completed a relevant course of study within the 5 years preceding the application or within a longer period specified in writing by the Board.

             (4)  An exemption under subregulation (1) is valid for 5 years from the date that the exemption was granted or for a longer period specified in writing by the Board.

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