South Australian Current Regulations

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- under the Harbors and Navigation Act 1993


   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Interpretation
   4.      Incorporation of codes and standards

   PART 2--Administration

   5.      Approvals
   6.      Exclusion of property from vesting in Minister

   PART 3--Exemptions and exclusions from certain provisions of Act

   7.      Pilotage of Royal Australian Navy vessels
   8.      Licences for aquatic activities--River Murray, Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary and marine parks

   PART 4--Vessels

   9.      Determination of length of vessels

   PART 5--Restricted areas and restrictions on use of certain waters

   10.     Restricted areas
   11.     Special rule in relation to sailing on Port Adelaide River
   12.     Special rule in relation to swimming etc near Glenelg breakwaters
   13.     Certain vessels not to be operated in unprotected waters

   PART 6--Activities in relation to wharves other than in harbors

           Division 1--Preliminary

   14.     Interpretation

           Division 2--General activities

   15.     Obstructions on wharves
   16.     Obstruction of landing places
   17.     Unauthorised activity on wharf

           Division 3--Vehicles and pedestrians

   18.     Application of Division
   19.     Traffic signs
   20.     Traffic and other directions
   21.     Parking signs and markings
   22.     Removal of vehicles
   23.     Signs
   24.     Permits
   25.     Evidence

   PART 7--Harbors and ports

           Division 1--Preliminary

   26.     Interpretation
   27.     Definition of harbor boundaries
   28.     Constitution of ports

           Division 2--General activities

   29.     Obstructions on wharves
   30.     Obstruction of landing places
   31.     Unauthorised activity on wharf
   32.     Use of rail trolley
   33.     Removal of stevedoring gear after use
   34.     Directions relating to dangerous or objectionable cargo
   35.     Damage etc caused by cargo
   36.     Discharge of liquid on wharves
   37.     Abandoned cargo
   38.     Unauthorised entry to wharf or contiguous land
   39.     Watch officers in harbors
   40.     Tugs
   41.     Fuel in vehicles etc
   42.     Operation of motors in cargo spaces
   43.     Mooring lines in harbors
   44.     Use of vessel engines in harbors
   45.     Mooring and unmooring of vessels in certain harbors
   46.     Swimming in harbors

           Division 3--Vehicles and pedestrians

   47.     Application of Division
   48.     Traffic signs
   49.     Traffic and other directions
   50.     Parking signs and markings
   51.     Removal of vehicles
   52.     Signs
   53.     Permits
   54.     Evidence

           Division 4--Records

   55.     Notice of entry
   56.     Certain papers to be produced
   57.     Notice of leaving
   58.     Cargo manifests
   59.     Production of documents relating to cargo

           Division 5--Pilotage

   60.     Licensing of pilots--qualifications
   61.     Duration of pilot's licence
   62.     Pilotage exemption certificates
   63.     Duration and renewal of pilotage exemption certificates
   64.     Application for pilot's licence or pilotage exemption certificate
   65.     Replacement licences and certificates
   66.     Obligations of pilot or master
   67.     Records to be kept by holder of pilotage exemption certificate
   68.     Compulsory pilotage

   PART 8--Certificates of competency etc

           Division 1--Applications under this Part

   69.     Application for boat operator's licence etc
   70.     Exemptions from section 47 of Act
   71.     Requirements for applicants for boat operator's licence
   72.     Endorsement of boat operator's licence
   73.     Special permits
   74.     Issue of temporary boat operator's licence
   75.     Obligations of holder of boat operator's licence or special permit
   76.     Replacement boat operator's licence or special permit

           Division 2--Recognition of experience and qualifications etc

   77.     Equivalent experience and qualifications etc
   78.     Recognition of other qualification as equivalent of certificate of competency

   PART 9--Registration, hull identification numbers and Australian Builders Plates

           Division 1--Preliminary

   79.     Interpretation

           Division 2--Registration

              Subdivision 1--Registration of vessels

   80.     Application for registration
   81.     Grant of registration
   82.     Certificate of registration
   83.     Marking of vessel
   84.     Transfer of registration
   85.     Refund of registration fees
   86.     Replacement certificates of registration
   87.     Notification of change of name or address

              Subdivision 2--Temporary registration

   88.     Temporary registration

              Subdivision 3--Cancellation of registration etc

   89.     Cancellation of registration or temporary registration
   90.     Return of certificate of registration

              Subdivision 4--Exemptions from requirement that vessel be registered

   91.     Application for exemption
   92.     Exemptions from requirement to be registered and marked

              Subdivision 5--Trade plates

   93.     Trade plates
   94.     Return of trade plates, certificates of issue of trade plates or trade plate labels
   95.     Replacement trade plates, certificates of issue of trade plates or trade plate labels

              Subdivision 6--Hull identification numbers (HIN)

   96.     Interpretation
   97.     Fixing HIN plates to vessels
   98.     Unauthorised removal of a HIN plate
   99.     Appointment of boat code agents
   100.    Boat code examiners
   101.    Adding letters and numbers to HIN
   102.    Forming a HIN into the fabric of a vessel
   103.    Interim boat code certificate
   104.    Boat code certificate
   105.    Register of HINs and vessels

              Subdivision 7--Australian Builders Plate

   106.    Interpretation
   107.    Vessels to which Part 9 Division 4 of Act applies
   108.    Australian Builders Plate
   109.    Certain vessels declared to be constructed before commencement of section 64B of the Act
   110.    Modification of ABP Standard

   PART 10--Safety

           Division 1--Equipment and marking requirements

   111.    Equipment and marking requirements
   112.    Emergency position indicating radio beacons (EPIRBs)

           Division 2--General rules of navigation

   113.    Navigation at sea
   114.    Navigation in inland waters
   115.    Navigation in rivers and channels

           Division 3--Speed restrictions

   116.    Speed restrictions

           Division 4--Lifejackets and miscellaneous provisions

   117.    Lifejackets to be worn on certain vessels
   118.    Personal watercraft must display approved notice
   119.    Personal watercraft only to be used during certain hours
   120.    Means of escape
   121.    Excess persons on vessel

           Division 5--Water skiing and similar activities

   122.    Obligations of person towed by vessel
   123.    Obligation of person being towed
   124.    Obligation of operator of vessel towing a person
   125.    Obligation of operator of vessel around water skiers etc
   126.    Operating another vessel too close to person being towed

           Division 6--Diving signals

   127.    Signals when divers working

           Division 7--Fishing nets and set lines

   128.    Interpretation
   129.    Mesh nets and set lines
   130.    Drop nets, drum nets, hoop nets and shrimp traps
   131.    Positioning of fishing apparatus
   132.    Offence of using fishing apparatus contrary to this Division

           Division 8--Rules for certain bridges

   133.    Birkenhead Bridge
   134.    Port River Expressway Bridges
   135.    Exemptions
   136.    Hindmarsh Island Bridge
   137.    Jervois Bridge
   138.    Kingston Bridge
   139.    Paringa Bridge

           Division 9--Miscellaneous

   140.    Vessels excluded from vicinity of oil rigs
   141.    Vessels excluded from vicinity of vessels engaged in transfer of petroleum
   142.    Vessels excluded from vicinity of transhipment points in Spencer Gulf
   143.    Nuisance
   144.    Use of spotlights
   145.    Emissions and discharges
   146.    Work involving flame or flash
   147.    Misuse of signals
   148.    Smoking and use of combustion equipment in vicinity of hold
   149.    Anchors not to be used in certain areas
   150.    General defence

   PART 11--Accidents

   151.    Minor accidents involving vessels need not be reported
   152.    Particulars required in accident report

   PART 12--Boat havens

   153.    Interpretation
   154.    Moorings not to be laid without approval
   155.    Permit to moor vessel in boat haven
   156.    Cancellation of permits
   157.    Orders
   158.    Removal of vessel and disposal of vessel if unclaimed

   PART 13--Facilities Fund

   159.    Facilities levy
   160.    Boating facility advisory committee

   PART 14--Miscellaneous

   161.    Discharging ballast water prohibited in specified waters
   162.    Directions relating to ballast water
   163.    Court of Marine Enquiry assessors
   164.    False statements
   165.    Signs
   166.    Waiver, remission and reduction of fees and payment in instalments
           SCHEDULE 1--Smooth and partially smooth waters
           SCHEDULE 2--Operational areas for restricted vessels
           SCHEDULE 3--Definition of harbor boundaries
           SCHEDULE 4--Ports
           SCHEDULE 5--Restricted areas
           SCHEDULE 6--Structural equipment and marking requirements for vessels
           SCHEDULE 7--Speed restrictions in certain waters
           SCHEDULE 8--Vessels without compliance plate--maximum number of persons
           SCHEDULE 9--Boat havens
           SCHEDULE 10--Notice requirements
           SCHEDULE 11--Fees and levies
           SCHEDULE 12--Expiation fees
           SCHEDULE 13--Repeal of Harbors and Navigation Regulations 2009
           Legislative history

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